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Text Box: Audubon Hills Neighborhood Watch
Est. 1972

If you would like a copy of the first 3 items below, or to volunteer, please e-mail us with your request to: In the interest of community safety, the first three items are not posted online. You must e-mail a request.

A map of our community, with watch area sections, with each parcel numbered and cross referenced with residents names. Contact Kim McCarthy

Neighborhood Watch Map

Who is my area watch captain? How can I become a watch captain or deputy?

Contact Kim McCarthy to get this information

My Neighborhood Watch Captain and Deputy information

A 30 year old citizen burglary prevention program. Give details on how to ID & inventory your property.

Operation Identification

Identity Theft Resource Center-a non profit website to show you how to protect your identity and help you restore it if its been stolen. (Links you to another website)

Protection from Identity Theft

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AHA! NW Fliers and Resources

California Office of Privacy Protection-the state of CA website with facts and solutions

(Links you to another website)

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Audubon Hills Neighborhood Watch (AHNW)

is a branch of Audubon Hills Association (AHA)


AHNW Commander = Vacant, please contact board if you are interested in this position.



To e-mail the whole AHA board at once.