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Audubon Hills Neighborhood Watch (A.H.N.W.) Website.

Audubon Hills (AH) was established in May 1968.  Immediately the neighbors saw a need for a community safety group, which would also help to bring the community together. Residents that lived here started a mailing list and phone tree which would help each other out as the community was growing.

In 1972, the humble little group of community safety residents, was the first group in the county to became part of the national Neighborhood Watch program. Audubon Hills Neighborhood Watch (AHNW) is funded by the Audubon Hills Association (AHA!).  We are proud to say that AHNW is the oldest Neighborhood Watch group in El Dorado County!

1972 was also the same year that the Audubon Hills Community Services District (AHCSD) was form, for the maintenance of all road and road easements within the AH.

AHA!, AHNW, and AHCSD work closely together, for the improvement, success, and safety of this community.

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                Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)

                Audubon Hills Community Services District (AHCSD)

Otherwise, take a stroll through AHNW site, we have a lot of valuable community safety information to offer.

Audubon Hills Neighborhood Watch (AHNW)

is a branch of Audubon Hills Association (AHA)


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