Where birds of a feather flock together.

Audubon Hills Neighborhood Watch (AHNW)

is a branch of Audubon Hills Association (AHA)


AHNW Commander = Vacant, please contact board if you are interested in this position.



To e-mail the whole AHA board at once.

Local & County Rules and Regulations

County Laws

Barking Dogs - Click here for dog specific laws.

Burning/Fire Safety

 Burn Permit-A Residential Burn Permit is required for a burn pile during fire season to burn debris that has originated from your property. Fire season is typically May 1st to October/November depending weather and fire conditions. Residential Burn Permits can be obtained from any staffed El Dorado County Fire Station.

 Terms of a Residential Burn Permit

 The permit will be valid for three fire seasons.

 You must call the burn information line at (530) 621-5897 immediately prior to burning. Even during winter months. Burn restrictions can change throughout the day.

 Maximum pile size is 4 foot diameter.

 The area within 10 feet of the outer edge of the pile is maintained free and clear of all flammable material and vegetation.

 Responsible person in attendance with shovel until fire is dead out.

 Water supply at burning site.

 No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe.

Violations of any burning permit terms are a violation of California State law. (Public Resources Code 4421, 4422, 4423, and 4425)

Health & Safety Code 13009 states that persons who lose control of a permitted burn may be held liable for suppression costs.

 Campfires--Prohibited When Permits Suspended. It is unlawful for any person to light, maintain or use a campfire upon or near any brush-covered land, grass-covered land or forest-covered land during the time when burning permits are suspended by the director of the department of forestry. (Ord. 3528 3, 1985: prior code 7212; 8.08.070)

 Home-Hazard removal required. Every person, co-partnership, firm, corporation and company owning, controlling, renting or operating any cabin, tent, residence, store, hotel or other like structure or improvement in any unincorporated territory in the county shall, at all times do all the following:

A.Maintain a fire break or clearing around the cabin, tent, residence, store, hotel or other like structure or improvement free from all inflammable material for a distance of thirty feet from any portion of the structure, or to his or its property line, whichever is the lesser distance; and

B.Keep the roofs of all such cabins, tents, residences, stores, hotels or other like structures or improvements free from leaves, needles or other debris. (Ord. 3528 1, 1985: prior code 7202; 8.08.050)

 Fireworks Restricted. Any person who uses, discharges or possesses any fireworks as defined in section 12511 of the Health and Safety Code within the unincorporated territory of the county is guilty of a misdemeanor. (8.08.050)

Farm Animals

 Uses Permitted by Right. (Single Family 2 acre zoning) (17.28.320)

The following uses are allowed by right, without special use permit

The keeping of domestic farm animals for noncommercial purposes and not constituting a health hazard to adjacent property owners.

Farm or domestic animal shelter

 Development Standards.

For farm animal shelter, minimum yard setbacks: front, fifty feet (50') with thirty feet (30') from side and rear property line and adjoining residential structures (Ord. 17.28.340)


 Loud and Raucous Noises--Prohibited. It is unlawful for any person to willfully make, emit, or transmit or cause to be made, emitted, or transmitted any loud and raucous noise upon or from any public or private property to such an extent that it unreasonably interferes with the peace and quiet of another's private property. (Ord. 3189 1(part), 1981: prior code 7582; 9.16.050)


Quads and go-karts - Currently, there are no ordinances within AH and the use quads and go-karts. However, we implore a common sense approach when it comes to their use.

 With children, please talk with them.

 There is a speed limit of 25 mph in here, and that applies to all vehicles.

 The law is that they must wear a helmet.

 No donuts at the end of the roads, this is someones driveway.

 And its really important they watch the road and obey the laws of traffic.

 (Weve had several close calls with children not watching the road and almost

  running into oncoming cars.)


AH Ordinances & Policies

Road Easements

All roads or improvement of roads are the responsibility of AHCSD. This was established when the rights of the easements where passed to the AHCSD when it was formed on December 12, 1972. The owners own the land, but the AHCSD is the only authority on the road and road easement usage.


There is a parking ordinance within Audubon Hills, regulated by AHCSD. There is to be no parking on the roads or vehicles impeding the flow of traffic on any AHCSD road. (AHCSD Ord. 2011-01) Click here for details.

Speed Limit

The speed limit on every road within Audubon Hills is 25 MPH. This is mainly because of pedestrians (there are no walking paths). Additionally, you never know whats around a corner.

Zoning - Most of Audubon Hills is zoned R2A (Residential 2 Acres), single family homes. The Board of Supervisors voted on this 03/20/1967. Some parcels were already split to one acre, before this was enacted. Some parcels have more, but have been zoned higher like R5A, so only one home can be built on the parcel. This eliminates high density housing and keeps our area rural.

Street Names - All street names are to be the names of birds, with the front streets starting at A and the back of Audubon Hills at Z. Some exceptions have happened, because AHA and the County failed to follow these rules when approving street names. The residents of the community must stay on top of this.

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